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Finally, 2016 has come to its end. I do not wish for anything but I hope that I will become a better person in 2017 and will not care much about people. Because in the end, they will leave me. I hope that I will achieve all my targets which are to get dean list in every semester and just focus on my studies to make my parents happy. That is all.

From secondary school until now, I think I mischoosed my friends. After all, I'm the one that always care for their feelings. Like when they (she, actually) to accompany her to the cafe to buy food and I always replied with a yes. Just now, I asked her to accompany me to buy dinner later, she said 'Yang lain pun makan.' It is not about others, it is about you. And guess what, 'yang lain tak nak makan malam pun'! Lol, what am I actually to you? Someone that you could use whenever you want? Someone that you could use when you have no one? I bet I am.
I guess this is my punishment. I will never find any friends that actually t…