Assalamualaikum and greetings to you.

Final week is coming so I'm in the middle to start my preparations. Why I became so lazy after I registered into university? It's not like university life is easier so I can be so free, no. I don't why but I haven't revised or mastered any topics on Anatomy & Physiology or Biochemistry. Too lazy to handle. I could spend my whole day on my bed, sleeping. Perhaps I'm tired, that's what I thought at first but it couldn't be tired because I haven't done anything much that could make me so tired to sleep all day. Let's just say that I am lazy.

What I feel about last week has improved. Maybe we just knew each other and we still have a lot time to be spent together. This is only the phase where we can knew each other a lot more and knew what kind of a person we are. I hope that we will get to overcome every hardships that we may face together throughout the 4 years we will be together. I was thinking, if we were to be separated (like some of us get to stay in college and some of us are not lucky enough) will we still close like how close we are now. Does I will find a new companion to accompany me to go everywhere with me? Because I am the person who cannot do something alone. I must have a partner to accompany me. Sorry, I'm that kind of person.

Last time, I missed my family so much that I cried. Suddenly, I felt a little down and it was night time. So, I sat by the window and enjoyed the night breeze and suddenly, I shedded tears, shit. Luckily, my roommate wasn't in the room. I was okay before that but when I feel the night breeze, the night light, my chest felt heavy. I missed someone or I have nothing to do at that time until I felt so empty inside? It was so sudden. Like lol why did I cried? It is so not cool.

And now, I felt like I miss my matrics. Hell no, my denied it. But deep inside me, I knew that I missed that moment. The moment, where we spent together. The happy moments. I'm not going to reminisce them. Too hurtful. Just this time. I just can remember that I used to spend my time in matrics. The wings that can I show to people that I used to be there, lost in the memory.

xoxo, Nad

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