Assalamualaikum. Greetings to you.

My last post was on July as I can remember. I have been real busy with university life which are mostly assignments, labs, programs and all. I can recall my first day here, it was hectic. Like, my door got stuck and I was locked inside my room. I can't open the door with my keys and my roommate who is outside can't open the door with her keys too. So, I got stuck inside my room for like 3 hours and we have to gather at the hall at 5 pm real sharp. I contacted one of the facilitator and told her I was locked. And the rest is history.

I'm not gonna tell stories about him because why should I? Oh yes, he already left Kuala Lumpur campus and now he's in Bangi. Well, at least I didn't have to see his face again. Something had happened, during last month I guess. Which made me so speechless in that situation, I never thought that they will really do that to me. Like all those 10 months of memories just vanished, poof! Are we even classmates? Everyone was talking shit "I'm gonna miss you!" "Nothing is comparable to our matrics life" "We are not separable" and bla bla bla but the real is they are not even someone who you can friends, who you can cherish or remember for your whole life. I'm forgetting the memories, sorry. But it is just too painful to remember. If I had one wish to be granted, I would wish for not to know you guys for my whole life. I'm gonna live a different life now, a person that never knew you guys. When you pass through old pictures of us in matriculation, and came across my figure, just know that I was there. And wonder how have I been, who have I become and where am I?

In your mind, I was there. That disappeared along with the vague memories.

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