State of mind


Tomorrow I'll be going back to college and start semester 2. I have been really busy since I went to college and college life is hectic. Yeah as I already knew, college is never easy neither for me nor other people but we must adapt to the new environment and lifestyle as that what we want. If we didn't go to college then what are we going to be? There you go. There are sometimes I think that college life is fun, always I think because you get to know a lot of people, each kind of people. You can get to experience exciting things like as for me, I never went to a boarding school so I didn't know what its like to be away from your parents and once you get into college, you get to know it. You could learn new things and do crazy things with your friends but not bad things.

Half of me excited to go back to college but half of me don't. I'll be missing my bed, wifi, food and family of course but this is it, this is only the beginning in the mission of chasing my dreams. My dad once said "Once you leaving home to further your studies, your home isn't your home anymore. Your journey is out there. You will be coming back home only for a while, sometimes when you have holidays." Okay, that is quite true. Actually, its the truth. Come to think about it, you further your studies after your SPM and after that you will be on holidays for a few months and further your degree and right after that maybe you will start your career or go for master and PhD. See, that is the starting point of your life. When I think about it, it made me quite sad because I never thought that I will be leaving home like really, really leaving home. I once whom life is occupied with my parents and siblings, now begins to be an adult and starting to know a lot more people and there will be new people who will be great influence in my life.

That is the new phase of life.

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