Happen ending


Sometimes I just don't get what is the main purpose of saying how much you love your friends or what do they to you like do you really tell a person that one is your best friend. Maybe that person do not even consider you their best friend. And best friend doesn't argue on small things. The bond between best friends wouldn't be so easy to break if they were really best friend. They argue or not talking to each other because of small things, is that really best friend? The bond should be a lot more stronger to not to be easily broken because of small things. I just wonder do best friends really exist? I have a best friend but we suddenly not talking to each other because of small things. I tried to contact her but she ignored me and that makes me wonder are we really best friend? The bond was so easy to be broken. I decided to not to contact her for a moment and wait for her to find me but actually it made me realized that for all this time, I'm the one that always come looking for her. That could be something cruel for a best friend to do towards her best friend. I just wonder does she really consider me as her best friend or am I the only one that think we are best friend? This made me realized that sometimes I couldn't say everything that I want to say to her. I keep holding on to my heart and sometimes it makes me afraid to talk to her because I might end up saying nonsense, ridiculous things and I might hurt her feelings. Best friend is someone you can talk to while open up your whole heart right.

Do I really have a best friend?

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