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I just want to go back to the normal days. I want to go back to Kluang. It has been really hard for me here. I miss the old days where my friends and I were really sincere to be friends. Our friendship is really what I would call friends till Jannah. I miss my friends in Kluang and my happy life, without worrying if I would ever hurt my friends because I know that we were all sincere. I can speak out my opinion freely without worrying losing my friends if they didn't accept it. I can call my friends with a lot of nicks without they took offense. I can do anything with my friends without worrying that someday they'll avoid me or leave me because I know that it'll never going to happen. I never had the feeling of worrying taking care of one's heart and so because we were really, really sincere.

I moved here, everything's changed. I start to have the feeling of worrying if I will ever hurt my friends. I need to limit my words because I'm afraid that they might fee…

What is friendship?

If you look in the dictionary, you will know the definition of friendship based on theoretically only. That all sounds nice, but it doesn't cover the fact that a true friendship is a relationship that can survive the test of time and remain unconditional. Did I say time? Yes, time is important for every relationship. Friendship is measured by how long you have been friends with someone. For me? We are friends when we met but not when we were apart. Isn't it called friends with benefits? So literally, I have never had a friend. I never love my high school life.

My experience.
Friendship is all about trust, forgiving and acceptance. If one doesn't have that element then a friendship can be ruined. I've witnessed many friendships fall apart because they don't have trust within each other. One must accept one's lack. Another thing, friendship is that we all can overcome any problems together and not blaming each other. And the most important, honesty. If you are no…